Manchester, Connecticut

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Manchester Boards / Commissions / Committees

Official List of Boards and Commissions





Advisory Board of Health                                      
Advisory Recreation and Park Commission
Arts Commission
Bennet Housing Corporation
Board of Assessment Appeals
Board of Directors
Board of Education
Building Committee
Cox Cable Advisory Council
Cheney Brothers National Historic District Commission
Cheney Hall Foundation Inc.
Commission on Human Relations, Elderly Services and People With Disabilities
Commission On Human Relations ***
Conservation Commission
Economic Development Commission
Ethics Commission
Fair Rent Commission **
Golf Course Lease Oversight Committee
Housing Authority
Housing and Fair Rent Commission
Land Acquisition and Historic Property Investment Committee
Library Advisory Board
Pension Board
Permanent Memorial Day Committee
Planning and Zoning Commission
Property Maintenance Municipal Code Board Of Appeals
Redevelopment Agency
SMARTR Committee
Sustainability Commission
Workforce Development *
Youth Commission

Zoning Board of Appeal

*     Dissolved 10/07/2014.  Responsibilities assigned to the Economic
      Development  Commission.

**    No longer an active commission.  Please see Housing and Fair Rent
Fair Rent Commission merged with the Housing
      Commission at the January 7, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting.

***  Combined with Elderly Services and People with Disabilities.  
      Please see Commission on Human Relations, Elderly Services
      and People with Disabilities.